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Beware of using eCards – instead have a Merry Christmas

Most of you may view eCards as harmless ways to spread Christmas cheer. You may think they are convenient or fast and easy and there’s no hassle queuing up at the post office and trying to beat the Christmas postal deadlines.

But most of them are anything but harmless. At least I don’t know a single service I would recommend.

eCard providers are well known as Email collectors. They sell the Email addresses you entered and even analyze the message you select or added to your seasonal greetings. They usually send a tracking code along with the mail and claim this is to generate a receipt for the sender but in addition, they keep the receivers IP address and will know where exactly he lives.

Last year, some even distributed viruses along with their greeting mail.

If you like to do yourself and especially your friends and loved ones a favor, don’t use eCards. Instead, write a regular letter or just call them (of course don’t Skype them).

And if you receive an eCard via Email, you better delete it. Maybe send the originator a link to this post and call him or her.

Don’t trust anything which is for free – don’t trust the evil.

New data update

Today, I sent out another data update with a new MAC Database and some other changes (Thanks Martin and Mike for your hints and help!).

A new app update is already under development which will cover a lot of suggestions and will offer some new features. I will need some more time to get it completed and tested but early next year I expect to be able to send it to Apple.

I really appreciate all your support and suggestions. Please continue to write if you have questions, suggestions or even find bugs (thanks Emile).

To you and your families, have a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!

And don’t forget: don’t trust the evil.

Best regards,