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Next update 11.0.3 now available – UPDATE 2

After finishing and submitting my Update, I contacted Apple and asked for an Expedite review. Within one hour, Apple reviewed and released the App.

This was probably world record. A big thank you to Apple!


Unfortunately, there was a bug in the UPnP Scanning engine which was causing the App to crash when there is a ‘misbehaving’ UPnP device.

As this happened in the UPnP Scanning engine which is also used for the new Advanced Scanning feature, the new feature wasn’t working for some of you.

I hope that the new update will now work for you as expected.

To locate and fix this bug, it was very helpful that some of you enabled Crash-log submission in the Settings ( iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> enable: Share Analytics as well as Share with App Developer). This way, I was receiving the anonymous crashlog via Apple and was able to analyze the cause. Thank you!

Have a great weekend (at least I will have one now as the update is out),



UPDATE Sunday 1st Oct:

In case some of you are wondering about the availability of the update, Apple currently has major outages. They maintained some of their servers yesterday, now claim that everything should be up and running but that obviously is not the case. Some support websites are not available and other Apple websites have wrong contents. So much to Apples world record of releasing Network Toolbox.

UPDATE Monday 2nd Oct:

Finally, the new update seems to be available after almost two days.

Thanks for your patience.



Version 11 of NetworkToolbox will be available Thursday!

Good news though. The new update will be available Thursday, September the 28th!

I have just updated the manual. For instance the chapters for Network Scanning and the new tools like Whois, DNS and UPnP. So if you want to see what’s coming, just have a look to these manual chapters.

This is, what has been changed:


► New WhoIs Lookup Tool (see details about any domain and who has registered it)
► New DNS Tool (query ANY! DNS Server for domains, see records and response times)
► New visual Traceroute (see trace routes on a map)
► New UPnP Tool (see which UPnP devices are noisy on your network)


► Extensive improvements of the Network Scanning engine
► Improved Morpheus Map
► Improved Bonjour Browser
► Terminal and SSH support for Backspace and CR/LF

Bug Fixes:

► Fixed Crash in External Apps Tool
► Special Keyboard Bar are now visible, no longer transparent
► Display of wrong MAC Addresses fixed
► Bug in MAC Database fixed which caused some Vendors not to be found
► Fixed bug in traversal test or Password test where entries, already tried were not marked accordingly

As always, this version was again a challenge. Please note, with iOS 11 MAC Addresses can no longer be displayed as the API has been removed by Apple for privacy reasons. However, the vastly improved scanning engine now combines many other information available about any IP Address on your network. This not just compensates the missing MAC address. Now you can see as much information as discoverable in one single place. Network scanning was never easier and more convenient before.

As this was again a major update with several weeks of development time, please consider to rate my App to keep it rolling.

In case you may find any bug, please let me know, I want to fix it!

Thank YOU!


Keeping you updated

Even though I provided a couple of Data updates, you might be looking forward to my next App update as it was quite some time ago, when I released my last App update.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will wait until iOS 11 has been released and then, shortly after, I will release a new App update.

However, I am happy to let you already know some of the features I have finished so far:

On this screenshot, you will notice two new tools: A DNS tool and a Whois tool. The DNS Tool will allow to query not just your default DNS Server but any DNS Server. This allows in-depth analysis of possible DNS issues. The Whois tool offers a lot of in-depth information about any domain. Most of this information is presented in a structured form (not as plain text as in some other Apps) so you can further analyze the results, as usual.

Furthermore, not to see on the screenshot, I finally finished developments for a Visual Traceroute tool.

And of course, I already fixed several bugs and added several improvements like support for Backspace and the ability to change the CR – CR/LF type in the terminal tools.

Looking forward for being able to release this Update soon.