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10-17-2019New Version 13 available
07-29-2019Best security and privacy solution
07-12-2019What a drama !
07-11-2019New Version 12.9.3 is available
05-24-2019Block everything evil using Pi-hole
05-09-2019Office 365 private data collection
04-25-2019WiFi Finder App collected WiFi Passwords
03-13-2019Update 12.2.1 available
12-05-2018New version 12.1.1. available
11-05-2018Spyware detection and dial codes
09-20-2018New Version 12 available
08-22-2018New Version 11.5.5. available today
07-25-2018New App Version 11.5.4 available
07-25-2018Redpark LAN cable for NetworkToolbox
07-20-2018Venmo and the Web-Service Tool of my App
05-03-2018New Windows update 1803
12-17-2017Getting information about an IP Address
12-03-2017Version 11.0.5 available
10-17-2017A few words about KRACK
09-30-2017Next update 11.0.3 now available - UPDATE 2
09-25-2017Version 11 of NetworkToolbox will be available Thursday!
09-06-2017Keeping you updated
08-12-2017☛ NetworkToolbox, iOS 11 and MAC Addresses
06-28-2017To Petya or NotPetya
04-16-2017NSA Tools available to everybody - Update your PCs. Quick!
02-24-2017Major CloudFlare data leak on millions of Websites - and Apps
01-10-2017Online shopping risks - check your store before placing an order!
12-16-2016MAC Addresses are back - Happy and secure Holidays
12-12-2016iOS 10.2 and missing MAC Addresses
11-28-2016ALERT: Major attack to Routers. 41 Million Routers worldwide on risk.
10-05-2016Mirai and Yahoo
09-27-2016The Connections tool is gone - which is good!
09-20-2016New Update available!
09-01-2016New Manual and new Version soon
06-02-2016NetworkToolbox with wired Ethernet connection – not only WiFi anymore! - UPDATE
02-22-2016Email tracking even on your iPhone
12-21-2015The worst thing happened
12-16-2015Linux cheat sheet added
11-17-2015Anonymous against IS
10-14-2015Security check added for the recent Netgear security flaw
09-21-2015The truth about XCode Ghost - UPDATE
09-15-2015Check for ATM Skimmers with NetworkToolbox
09-08-2015Wordpress WPML Multilingual plugin - better switch if you still use it
09-07-2015Should we uninstall anti-virus software such as Sophos, ESET, FireEye and Kaspersky ?
09-03-2015Babies and families at risk!
08-27-2015Ins0mnia and NetworkToolbox
08-20-2015New Version 8.2.1 now available
08-07-2015ALDI / MAGINON / Rollei WebCam findings - Update
07-28-2015You better remove PHP FileManager
06-09-2015Again about Piwik
06-02-2015Why is McAffee, Avast, Symantec free ? They collect and sell your data! (updated)
06-02-2015Scary piwik findings - Update 3
05-19-2015Warning when using ProFTPD
05-09-2015New version 8 of NetworkToolbox available
05-01-2015☛ WiFi scanning
02-03-2015Victory against Verizon for violating privacy
01-16-2015Tired of ads? - Happy New Year!
12-14-2014Beware of using eCards - instead have a Merry Christmas
11-17-2014Your 10 Year Google History
10-28-2014UPDATE: Verizon spies you out! - Verizon test added to NetworkToolbox
10-12-2014Do you know flurry? It spies you out!
10-06-2014Shellshock - update #2: Yahoo and hacked
09-01-2014Anatomy of a scam attack
08-23-2014Starting other Apps from Network toolbox and vice-versa by URL Scheme
08-17-2014Greetings from Def Con 22 - Improve your router security
07-30-2014New release 7 available!
02-03-2014New update 6.07.01 available
01-04-2014Router back-door test added
01-03-2014Happy New Year
11-29-2013Beware, your TV is watching you
11-22-2013European Parliament hacked
10-17-2013D-Link router back-door
09-01-2013Find Medion NAS-Servers on the web
08-09-2013Lavabit died
07-10-2013Be carefull if you use a Ruckus device
06-27-2013Unbelievable but true! Backdoor in HP's Backup solution