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New Version 13 available

Best security and privacy solution

What a drama !

New Version 12.9.3 is available

Block everything evil using Pi-hole

Office 365 private data collection

WiFi Finder App collected WiFi Passwords

Update 12.2.1 available

New version 12.1.1. available

Spyware detection and dial codes

New Version 12 available

New Version 11.5.5. available today

New App Version 11.5.4 available

Redpark LAN cable for NetworkToolbox

Venmo and the Web-Service Tool of my App

New Windows update 1803

Getting information about an IP Address

Version 11.0.5 available

A few words about KRACK

Next update 11.0.3 now available - UPDATE 2

Version 11 of NetworkToolbox will be available Thursday!

☛ NetworkToolbox, iOS 11 and MAC Addresses

To Petya or NotPetya

NSA Tools available to everybody - Update your PCs. Quick!

Major CloudFlare data leak on millions of Websites - and Apps

Online shopping risks - check your store before placing an order!

MAC Addresses are back - Happy and secure Holidays

iOS 10.2 and missing MAC Addresses

ALERT: Major attack to Routers. 41 Million Routers worldwide on risk.

Mirai and Yahoo

The Connections tool is gone - which is good!

New Update available!

New Manual and new Version soon

NetworkToolbox with wired Ethernet connection – not only WiFi anymore! - UPDATE

Email tracking even on your iPhone

The worst thing happened

Linux cheat sheet added

Anonymous against IS

Security check added for the recent Netgear security flaw

The truth about XCode Ghost - UPDATE

Check for ATM Skimmers with NetworkToolbox

Wordpress WPML Multilingual plugin - better switch if you still use it

Should we uninstall anti-virus software such as Sophos, ESET, FireEye and Kaspersky ?

Babies and families at risk!

Ins0mnia and NetworkToolbox

New Version 8.2.1 now available

ALDI / MAGINON / Rollei WebCam findings - Update


You better remove PHP FileManager

Again about Piwik

Why is McAffee, Avast, Symantec free ? They collect and sell your data! (updated)

Scary piwik findings - Update 3

Warning when using ProFTPD

New version 8 of NetworkToolbox available

☛ WiFi scanning

Victory against Verizon for violating privacy

Tired of ads? - Happy New Year!

Beware of using eCards - instead have a Merry Christmas

Your 10 Year Google History

UPDATE: Verizon spies you out! - Verizon test added to NetworkToolbox

Do you know flurry? It spies you out!

Shellshock - update #2: Yahoo and hacked

Anatomy of a scam attack

Starting other Apps from Network toolbox and vice-versa by URL Scheme

Greetings from Def Con 22 - Improve your router security

New release 7 available!

New update 6.07.01 available

Router back-door test added

Happy New Year

Beware, your TV is watching you

European Parliament hacked

D-Link router back-door

Find Medion NAS-Servers on the web

Lavabit died


Be carefull if you use a Ruckus device

Unbelievable but true! Backdoor in HP's Backup solution