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Are you one of the half billion People who got Facebooked?

Facebook did a bad job protecting your data. Records of more than half a billion users got lost and can now be downloaded by everybody.

The records contain phone numbers, Facebook ID, Facebook name, gender and sometimes additional information like email address, relationship status, dates and location of birth and more.

Facebook as usual downplayed the data breach and don’t even see any reason for informing the affected users.

But now, you can use my App to find out if your phone number is contained in the breached data.

This incident is again a good reason why it is no good idea to let Facebook join the data of your Facebook account and WhatsApp but it is now probably too late for many users. Bad guys have already started to use the leaked data to send malicious Text messages or emails.

To check if your phone number is included in this huge Facebook data breach, just use the included Pwned Tool and enter the phone number you like to check in international format (e.g. +16506447386).

By the way, this is the phone number of a person named Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook ID 4 which is also included in the breach. I am wondering if I should give him a ring?

However, maybe it’s time to leave Facebook. I did already some time ago.

Don’t trust the evil – especially not Facebook ID 4!

Stay safe,