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Best security and privacy solution

I am wondering, how many of you are already using a Pi-hole server or have installed a Pi-hole server as described in a previous blog here.

For those, who have not or don’t want to read my TL/DR, here is a quick summary:

  • Pi-hole is a solution that dramatically reduces spying of your privacy and security
  • It blocks Ads on your network
  • It works on any network for any PC (Mac or Windows) and even all Apps on your mobile devices
  • It helps to see what's going on on your network
  • It is easy to install without much network expertise
  • It just needs to be attached to your network with a regular network cable
  • It is free, OpenSource and you only need a small cheap ($ 40) Raspberry-Pi mini computer
  • It speeds up internet access
  • You can easily block unwanted connections or traffic
  • If there is any issue, it's easy to revert back
  • It is supported by NetworkToolbox

There are other solutions available with higher costs, even recurring costs but they are not better.

I personally don’t want to miss Pi-hole anymore.

So again, let me know what you think. Are you as happy about Pi-hole as I am ? Or do you think you don’t need it ? Or is it too complicated to install or is my instruction too complicated ? Or don’t you trust the Pi-hole guys?

Just drop me a mail using the form on my website or use the support button inside the App.

Keep safe,

and don’t trust the evil.