Change History

Version History

NetworkToolbox is being continuously updated. Either by regular App Store updates or by so called data updates. Regular Data updates will not just be used to continuously update the databases such as the MAC/Vendor database but also to add new Security Tests which are basically scripts very similar to the Metasploit Framework.

Version 15.0.2

► Compatible to iOS 15

► A new Tool OTP (One Time Password) was added

► The Batch Tool can now also try to find the Website title

► Several additional requested minor improvements

Version 14.0.1

► Compatible to iOS 14 and takes advantage of some of it’s new features

► SSH Terminal now supports up/down keys e.g. to access the bash history

► File Viewer now works together with the local file browser

► The SMB Tool now supports SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3 and can be used to connect to and browse any Windows Server

► The Bluetooth tool has been further improved

► A Shodan bug was fixed

► The DNS Tool can now be used in the reverse direction. You can now enter IP Addresses to query a DNS Server for the host or domain name

► Fixed a bug that prevented the Glossary Tool from opening

► The Blacklist database has been updated

► The MAC Address database has been updated

► A ‘Strings’ Tool has been added to the local File browser which extracts all printable strings from a binary file for further analyzing

► The local File browser can now create new and edit files

► The Batch Tool now supports copy and paste for batch lists. This way, you can edit lists of domains in an external editor and paste it back to the batch Tool

► New Tool ASCII-Table added

► New Tool Port-Table added

► New Tool Cables added

► Added new Apple devices to the Device Database

► The Information Tool has been redesigned and is now available under Resources with additional information

Version 13.3.01

► Additional IOS 13.3 fixes

► Bug fixes in the Pi-hole tool

► Moved the Glossary tool to Resources

► The Verizon Supercookie check is now back working  

► New Blacklist tool to query several Blacklist services

► New Elasticsearch tool to browse Elasticsearch databases

► Telnet Security check

► Have I been Pwned (I will now pay for it, you can use it for free)

Version 13.0.2 – 5 hours later

► Bugfix for iOS 12 devices where the App did crash

► Bugfix for Dark Mode where some fields were displayed white on white

Version 13.0.1 – Oct. 2019

► IOS 13 Dark Mode compatibility

► Support for new iOS 13 UI elements (e.g. pulling down the Help screen)

► New NFC Reader. New NFC Tags can also be written (iOS 13 required)

► Improved Bonjour Tool

► Improved advanced Scanning (now turned back on per default)

► Fonts will now not just be listed but also displayed

► Improved IP Geolocation detection

► The Pi-Hole tool now shows the IP Address if the Network Name is not available

► The Pi-Hole tool now supports a filter

► Updated MAC Database

► Added SHA256 Hash to the Base64 Tool

► A new Tool Two-Tone has been added

► The Tool Pwned had to be removed (see blog for details)

Version 12.9 – July 2019

► Improved VPN Support

► Improved Bonjour Tool

► Under Device -> System, more information about the current Model

► Improved Network Neighbor tool

► Improved Bonjour tool. Now displays readable Service Names

► Scanning was further improved

► You can now select Quick scanning for fast but less accurate scan

► New Info Tool which provides tables with network related information

► new Server Check Tool which finds leaked information or unintentionally exposed files or contents of a Web-Server.

► New Dorks Tool which finds information or files which were unintentionally indexed by Search Engines.

► New Pi-Hole Tool which provides an interface to a Pi-hole server and add the power of NetworkToolbox to Pi-hole. Best of all, the Pi-hole tool can replace the Connections tool

Version 12.2.2 – April 2019

► Fixed HaveIBeenPwnd Tool issue

► Added URL, HTML Entities conversion

► Added MD5 and SHA1 hash creation

Version 12.2.1 – March 2019

► Some bug fixes

► Further improvements of the Network scanning engine

Version 12.1.1 – December 2018:

► Improved Import/Export

► New Batch Tool

Version 12.00.03 – October 2018:

► Additional settings for Ping and Traceroute such as TTL, Packet size, IPv6 etc. can now be hidden by switching off a newly introduced “Advanced” switch and will automatically set based on the IP/Domain entered and best-practices.
► A bug in the file upload and download feature has been fixed
► New Settings prefer IPv6 added

Version 12.00.01 – September 2018:

► iPhone XR, XS / Max compatibility
► iOS 12 compatibility
► WiFi BSSID Vendor will now be displayed
► Health Check ping bug was fixed
► Some other minor bugs fixed

Version 11.05.05 – August 2018:


► The Ping tool now offers the possibility to enter TTL and packet size
► The telnet (Socket) tool can now also directly be used to test passwords

New tools:

► new ARP / NDP Network neighborhood tool

– Lists all IP Addresses (devices) currently known by your iPhone/iPad
– Can also display or hide expired IPs
– Separate tables for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
– Ordered by Network Interface

This new tool is a useful addition to Network Scanning.

► new Routing Table tool

– This tool replaces the Device -> Routing Table section
– Like the new ARP / NDP tool, separate tables for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ordering by network interface

Version 11.05.04 – July 2018:


► The Devices Tool has been completely rewritten
► It provides more and individual information about Wifi, Cell, Lan and VPN connections
► Hardware information about Capture Devices (e.g. Cameras) added
► Information about Maximum Frame Rate added
► URL Cache can now be Cleared
► Cookies can now be Cleared
► Detailed information about Clipboard content added
► Information about all installed Fonts added

► Local Files Tool which now fully integrates into Apple’s Filesharing feature. Now, downloaded files or files that should be uploaded can also be accessed from the iOS Files Tool.

► The Health Check Tool has been extended to perform a simple connection test

► The App also includes several improvements for the iPhone X and iPhone x plus devices and necessary changes for iOS 11.4.1
► The Icon size can now be changed even smaller (Settings -> Appearance -> Icon size)
► The HTTP Tool can now also display structured JSON data
► Further improved Network and Port Scanning
► The Resources section has been updated (please have a look)

New Tools:

► New Base Conversion Tool to Encode / Decode Base64 or Hex data
► New Have I been pawned Tool. This Tool uses the HIBP API to check if an Email address has been compromised

► Redpark L5-Net Ethernet Cable support

Version 11.0.06 – Jan 8., 2018:

► Just a few bug fixes, reported over Christmas

Version 11.0.05 – Sep 30., 2017:


► Couple of bugs fixed in the Devices Tool
► Now you can also call Wake on LAN from the Devices Tool
► A few bugs were fixed in the IP Calculation Tool
► Some Screen layout issues fixed in the Logbook


► You can now clean the “recent lists” without switching to the settings
► The Speed Test Tool has been improved

New Tools:

► An NFC Tool to scan NFC NDEF Tags (other types are not supported (yet?) by Apple)
► A Unit Conversion Tool has been added

Version 11.0.03 – Sep 30., 2017:

► UPnP Scanning bug fixed

Version 11.0.2 – Sep 16., 2017:


► New WhoIs Lookup Tool (see details about any domain and who has registered it)
► New DNS Tool (query ANY! DNS Server for domains, see records and response times)
► New visual Traceroute (see trace routes on a map)
► New UPnP Tool (see which UPnP devices are noisy on your network)


► Extensive improvements of the Network Scanning engine
► Improved Morpheus Map
► Improved Bonjour Browser
► Terminal and SSH support for Backspace and CR/LF

Bug Fixes:

► Fixed Crash in External Apps Tool
► Special Keyboard Bar are now visible, no longer transparent
► Display of wrong MAC Addresses fixed
► Bug in MAC Database fixed which caused some Vendors not to be found
► Fixed bug in traversal test or Password test where entries, already tried were not marked accordingly

Database Update 9.06 – April 20, 2017:

► Updated MAC Database
► Disclaimer message corrected
► OSVDB Link updated

Database Update 9.05 – Jan 25, 2017:

► Updated MAC Database

Version 9.02.03 – Dec 16, 2016:

► iOS 10.2 compatibility (MAC Addresses now available again)
► Some bug fixing (e.g. Crash in Device Tool)
► Some UI improvements

Version 9.02 – Dec 1., 2016:

► Further improved IP and Domain resolution
► More information inside the Morpheus Tool like ISP/Provider, Domain etc.
► The Domain Tool has been improved (New layout, more information) and has been renamed to “Address Inspector”
► New: A Routing Table feature was added (Device Tool)
► A few bug fixes

Version 9.01 – Sep, 2016

This new version contains various changes and improvements:

► Bluetooth

I have completely re-written the Bluetooth LE scanner. It is now more reliable and easier to use.

► New Health Check Tool

This new Tool can be used to perform recurring pre-defined tests. You can add multiple sites (IP Addresses or hosts) and perform Ping, Certificate, Mailserver and other tests with a single button press. This way, you can quickly check the availability of components either in your home network or your Internet Servers.

► New SMB Tool

You can now even browse Windows or other Samba shares using this new Tool. It is also possible to download files.

► New Speed Test Tool

This new Tool implements the iPerf Speed Test standard for Network Speed/Bandwidth tests aven as iPerf Server.

► Improved network scan

Now, SMB Network Names and Vendor Names will be displayed in the list itself and not only on the detail screen.

► Export Settings

You can now export the settings for backup or to another iOS Device.

► Reverse DNS and DNS Lookup improved

The NS-Lookup Tool is now rather a multipurpose tool that shows all kind of information available to an IP Address or host such as DNS Record information, Revers DNS Lookup, Provider information and more.

► Macros for Telnet and SSH

Possibility to write Macros that can be use in SSH or Telnet.

► Other Telnet and SSH improvements

Using a hardware keyboard, you will now see the full telnet/ssh screen.

Now you can also directly send special keys that are not available on the soft- or hardware keyboard.

► WOL (Wake on Lan) has been built in

► HTTP Head Tool improvements

This Tool now shows the Status code returned from the Server with explanation.

► IPv6 support

Most Tools now support IPv6 where appropriate. If available, you will see IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses and can enter IPv6 as well as IPv4 addresses.

► New IP Calculations

Along with this, there are three new Calculations for the IP-Calculation Tool such as IPv4 to IPv6, 6to4/6RD and Teredo calculations.

► New Manual

A new manual is available which can now be read side by side with the App, which can also be opened from here: but also still from inside the App by hitting the (i) button as usual. For a printed version, you can also download the manual as PDF file.

► Bye-bye to the connections Tool

With iOS 10, Apple has removed an API which has been used for the Connections Tool. This means, that this tool no longer works under iOS 10 and you will get an according message if you try to use it. Even though it is not nice that this valuable tool now no longer can be used, Apples decision is a major increase on Security as this API could have also been used for other purposes by any App.

► Other bug fixes and improvements

Besides the lost Connections Tool, NetworkToolbox is now fully compatible with iOS 10 and even uses some of the new advantages. On an iPad Pro, it can also run in Multitasking and Split Screen mode and it runs just fine on the new iPhone 7 devices.