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New App Version 11.5.4 available

A new Update is available for NetworkToolbox

On Friday, the long awaited and overdue update will be available.

This is again a larger update with many improvements, new Tools and fixes:


The Devices Tool has been completely rewritten

  • It provides more and individual information about Wifi, Cell, Lan and VPN connections
  • Hardware information about Capture Devices (e.g. Cameras) added
  • Information about Maximum Frame Rate added
  • URL Cache can now be Cleared
  • Cookies can now be Cleared
  • Detailed information about Clipboard content added
  • Information about all installed Fonts added

Local Files Tool

  • This tool now fully integrates into Apple’s Filesharing feature. Now, downloaded files or files that should be uploaded can also be accessed from the iOS Files Tool.

Health Check Tool

  • A new test has been added to perform a simple connection test

Other minor changes

  • The App also includes several improvements for the iPhone X and iPhone x plus devices.
  • Necessary changes for iOS 11.4.1
  • The Icon size can now be changed even smaller (Settings -> Appearance -> Icon size)
  • The HTTP Tool can now also display structured JSON data
  • Further improved Network and Port Scanning
  • The Resources section has been updated (please have a look)

New Tools:

New Base Conversion Tool

  • Encode / Decode Base64 or Hex data

Have I been pawned

  • This Tool uses the HIBP API to check if an Email address has been compromised

Lan Cable support

And finally, the App now supports the Redpark L5-Net Ethernet Cable which is a very nice solution to connect the App to a cabled network and do in-depth analysis without WiFi or Cell.

You can read more about the Cable on my Blog Redpark LAN Cable for NetworkToolbox or in the News section of NetworkToolbox.

The manual has already been updated for the new version so if you can’t wait and want to get more details about the changes, just have a look to the manual.

PLEASE NOTE: All new Tools will be added to the end of the Icons. This way, you can see what’s new. If you want to have them sorted using the default order. just go to Settings -> Appearance -> Organizer -> […] and select Reset to defaults.

I hope you will enjoy this new update but as always, I am already working on the next update.

Please, don’t forget to write or update your review.

Best regards,