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New Manual and new Version soon

Today, I am happy to announce the new Manual which is now already online for you from here:

Several users found the included (i) Help texts useful but prefer to have the description side by side on another screen or even paper – which makes sense. This, I created the online manual.

Please note: This Manual already covers the next version with many new features and improvements. This new version will have this manual already included also from inside the App but I found it might already be useful for all users of the existing App version.

While talking about the next version. It took quite some time to get it done. This was basically because I had to re-write major parts of the App due to the fact that it now also supports IPv6. There are still some parts of the App which don’t fully work with IPv6 due to some oddities in iOS but I will either fix this during the next days or will leave it as is by now assuming that the majority of you will still use IPv4.

So please stay tuned for my announcement for the release of this update,
Best Regards,