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New release 7 available!

Fortunately, after several months of development, the new release 7 of NetworkToolbox is now available on the AppStore.

It took quite some time to implement all of my ideas and suggestions I had on my To-Do list but it’s now done.

I even used the opportunity and made the app already compatible to iOS 8 but the main intention of the new release was to improve the usability and add some cool new features.

See what’s new about NetworkToolbox release 7:

■ Improved user interface
The user interface has been improved significantly to increase the usability, convenience, and effectiveness of NetworkToolbox.
It is now even easier than before to switch from the scan results of one tool to another for further analysis.

New tools:
There are now 24 tools in total.

■ Bonjour
Bonjour, which is Apples zero configuration protocol, can now be scanned and analyzed by NetworkToolbox. You will be surprised how many devices talk Bonjour in your network.

■ Certificates
Another new tool can be used to analyse and display server certificates in a readable form. Such certificates will be used to secure websites such as banking sites. Recently, some certificate authorities have been compromised and issued insecure certificates e.g. even for google. NetworkToolbox can now reveal such certificates.

■ Bluetooth LE
As Apple recently introduced iBeacons in their stores which are basically Bluetooth LE (low energy) tokens, NetworkToolbox now offers a new tool that can be used to scan for and analyze such iBeacons or any other Bluetooth LE device easily.

■ More and better device information
The Device Information tool now provides much more information about your iPhone/iPad such as Cell, Cell-Carrier, Hardware, Memory, CPU, Sensor and sensitive device ID information.

■ External app integration
NetworkToolbox now integrates also with external apps. External apps like your favourite remote access app can now be used from inside NetworkToolbox and the other way around. NetworkToolbox can now be started from inside other apps e.g. even by safari.

■ Shodan improvements
Shodan’s new API has now been integrated and you can even use your own Shodan API key.

■ Socket / Telnet improvements
The Socket tool now supports sending of special characters like ^C, TAB etc. It also includes new settings for echo and line wrapping and can even show non-printable characters in HEX.

There are much more new features that can’t be listed here.

Please note: Don’t forget to install the latest data update.

For those changes, major parts of the app have been re-coded but even though the app has been tested by several beta testers and on many different devices and iOS versions, there may be some bugs left that have not been found.

As always, please let me know about any bug, change request or suggestion, ideally using the support button inside the app and I promise to fix any bug real quick.

Again, many thanks for your feedback.

Please don’t forget to rate the app or update your review. Unfortunately, with every update I sent out, your previous reviews disappear. But you just need to slightly update your previous review to let it appear again. Many thanks for this.

Kind regards,