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New update 6.07.01 available

Among some minor changes “under the hood”, this update contains:

■ Again, improved Morpheus
The Morpheus search engine has been improved further and is now better integrated into the app.

■ Custom Port ranges for the Port scanner
It is now either possible to select individual port ranges for all HTTP Services, Mail Services or upper/lower ranges or even enter individual ranges for scanning manually.

■ Custom Password list
In addition to the built-in default password list, it is now possible to maintain and use a custom password list for the HTTP, Socket, FTP, SFTP Tools. This way, you can pre-enter the know credentials of your servers and devices if you like.

■ Collect discovered password
Once you discover a username/password combination, you can now even store your findings along with the host information for later reference in the custom password list. So now, there is no need to write it down anymore. An explanation of these new features can be found in the updates info (i) texts.

■ Reverse DNS lookup
The Domain tool now also supports revers DNS lookups. So for instance, if you just enter an IP address, this tool may also show the domain name if there is a domain name registered for that IP address.

PLEASE NOTE: This app update also requires the installation of the newest data update. So please also use the “Check for data update” button in the settings screen of the app. The installation order (app or data update) does not matter.

The next app update will be a new major version I am currently working on.

Please remember to write or update your app review. This keeps NetworkToolbox going.

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