NetworkToolbox news

New Version 11.5.5. available today

Today, another update (Version 11.5.5) is available containing these changes:

  • The Ping tool now offers the possibility to enter TTL and packet size
  • The telnet (Socket) tool can now also directly be used to test passwords

New tools:

  • new ARP / NDP Network neighborhood tool

This tool displays the contents of the so-called ARP Table (for IPv4) or NDP Table (for IPv6).

These tables are providing information about devices (IP Addresses) on your network that have once be seen or are still communicating with your device.

For this reason, this Net Neighbor tool is a valuable addition to a Network Scan.

A Network Scan always lists all devices that can currently be reached. It is basically a snapshot of the current network situation.

Some devices might be missing in a Network Scan because they might not actually be ‘reachable’ at the time of the scan. Or they may got woken up by a scan very slowly and did not yet respond to connection request.

Such devices can be found with the Net Neighbors tool.

  • new Routing Table tool

The Routing tool was previously integrated (slightly hidden) inside the Devices tool but is now available as separate tool with additional features and information.

Like the new ARP / NDP tool, separate tables for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, ordering by network interface and detailed routing information are provided.


Dear users,

these changes and improvements have been implemented upon your requests and suggestions and I was happy to be able to implement these features for you for free. There are several additional ideas and requests on my list and I am continuously working on them so you can expect further updates, like usual.

Most if the time I receive your requests and ideas by using the Support / Feature request button from inside the App. This is perfect and that’s the best option for me and for you. Alternatively, you can use the Form on the website.

Sometimes (to my surprise sometimes once per month), I receive suggestions or questions using the website form where the author had a typo in the Mail address. My usual response then results in an error – which is not nice. This issue can be prevented by using the Support button.

But moreover, I sometimes (still!) see suggestions or questions in App reviews. Even though it’s now possible to add a developer response message to the review, it’s quite difficult to communicate this way. So please, if you have a suggestion, question and especially if you think you discovered a bug, please please use the support button and let me know.

Thanks a lot!