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New version 12.1.1. available

Update 12.1.1 of NetworkToolbox is available. This will be the final update for this year and more is to come next year.

Before talking about this update, I would like to announce a link to the NetworkToolbox Post Archive:

Here, you can easily find older Posts which are still valid (like the “Wifi Scanning” or “iOS 11 and MAC Addresses” posts)  but, as I found, it is sometimes difficult to find older Posts either in the News Section of the App or the Website Blog.

Version 12.1.1

Among some other smaller changes and fixes, here are two highlights of this update:

1.) Improved Import/Export

You can now Export lists from various scanning Tools.

Also, you can now export the Password and Devices Lists, edit them with your preferred Software like Numbers on your Device or Mac or Excel on your PC. These files can then be Imported back to the App.

Along with this, the “Add to Custom Devices” functionality in Network Scan has also been improved so it’s now easier to maintain the missing MAC Addresses and custom names manually.

Details are explained in the Manual.

2.) New Batch Tool

This new Tool can be used to perform actions like Ping, Port-Scan, Deep-Scan etc. over a list of Addresses.

The addresses for this new Batch Tool can be collected from other Tools (Menu -> Add to Batch).

You can also import Address lists to this Batch tool from csv files maintained in Numbers or Excel.

Lists and results can be exported back to CSV files.

Also this Tool is explained more in detail in the Manual.

Thank you for 2018!

Finally, I like to thank you for a fantastic 2018 with NetworkToolbox. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, I added several new Tools and features this year and of course was able to fix some bugs which may happen even after in-depth testing.

Thanks again and to all of you all the best for 2018!

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