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New Version 8.2.1 now available

The next version 8.2.1 of NetworkToolbox is now available.

I hope you will be excited about the new features.

Please note: Don’t forget to check for a Data Update also.

So here is what’s new:

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  • Introduction of Public / Private keys

The SSH and SFTP Tools now supports Public Private keys for a more secure connection. As key maintenance is usually not so easy, I also added a separate Tool for maintaining your keys. Finally, you can even generate all kind of keys from inside NetworkToolbox. To encourage more people to use Public/Private keys, I wrote an easy to follow tutorial which can already be found here.

  • A Connections Tool was added

This tool can be used to not only but mainly to identify Apps on your device that are “calling home” or establishing undesired connections. There is also a tutorial called Identify hidden App Communication.

  • Completely renewed HTTP Tool

So far, I was not quite happy with the HTTP Tool. On one hand, it was able to reveal a lot of Website internals but on the other hand it often failed to display websites correctly. This has been resolved now. The HTTP Tool was completely re-written and now feels much more like Safari but still allows to perform the parameter traversal and standard password tests.

  • Improved Traceroute

Traceroute now resolves addresses much more reliable and faster than before.

  • Improved Certificates Tool

The domain names that belongs to a certificate are now listed separately one after the other so you can now easily inspect (e.g. visit) each individual website the certificate belongs to. This is especially useful along with the Connections Tool as described in the tutorial.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Unfortunately, in the past, some features did not regard timeout values which caused the App to crash in some situations. Also, an iOS bug caused some Tools to crash when one of the Tool Buttons (e.g. in the FTP Tool) were hit while the keyboard was hidden. All that has been solved now as well as some other minor bugs and improvements as usual.