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Office 365 private data collection

Microsoft has not yet learned their lessons. They still can’t stop collecting private data whenever they can.

I am using Office 365 for several years and reasons (lack of alternatives). Office 365 will be updated in the background and often I didn’t noticed that it has been updated a couple of times.

With one of these latest updates, Microsoft seemed to have added some new features (from their point of view).

They have added features that are “analyzing my content“. When I read this, I had to read it twice because I couldn’t believe what I read:

You will find this option (intentionally hidden) as follows:

  • Start Word
  • On the left side at the bottom of the screen select Options
  • On the new screen select “Trust Center”
  • Click on “Trust Center Settingsā€¦”
  • Select “Privacy Options”
  • Click on “Privacy Settings”

(quite hidden, isn’t it?)

Now, it’s up to you to keep everything enabled or disable everything – which is what I did.

But be aware: Microsoft will strip down the functionality once you do that (see the yellow box below the setting) and I was wondering if I will get some money back due to the fact that they remove features they were advertising – probably not.

Don’t trust the evil!