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Online shopping risks – check your store before placing an order!

Online shopping risk with Magento shops which are infected. Number of infections is increasing.

Happy New Year everyone!

Yesterday, the German BSI warned (again!) about thousands of online stores worldwide which have been infected by online criminals in order to capture user’s payment data. Many store owner have been informed by the BSI some time ago but less than a half of them have fixed that issue.

Shopping on those still infected or unpatched stores is a high risk! Most likely, your payment data will end up somewhere else.

In 2015, Willem de Groot revealed this issue in the popular shopping software Magento which is widely used around the world.

Which scares me most is the fact that by that time, there were 3501 Stores infected, in March 2016 Willem found 4476 infected stores and late 2016 there were almost 6000 infected stores worldwide. Here is a list:

Fortunately, MageReport provides a tool, to check if a certain website is already infected or at least unpatched and a possible victim for cyber criminals.

So I would recommend to use that tool to check the online shops you are using before using them again.

I did so and guess what, three of them were infected – only one of them replied back to me after I informed them about their issue.


Don’t trust the evil!