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Redpark LAN cable for NetworkToolbox

NetworkToolbox uses the available interfaces (WiFi or Cell) to connect to the Internet or your local Network. Sometimes, you may want to physically connect a cable from your iPad or iPhone to a certain network device. In this case, you can use a solution I proposed in 2016 here in my post NetworkToolbox with wired Ethernet connection.

This solution uses an official Apple USB Network Adapter along with Apple’s USB to Lightning connector. The disadvantage of this solution is, that the USB to Lightning connector needs to be powered because otherwise the USB Network Adapter won’t work.

I am in close contact to Redpark for several years now. They are providing fantastic Adapters. Now, just recently they introduced a new Ethernet Cable for iPad and iPhone called L5-NET. This Adapter is better than the previously proposed solution with Apple Adapters because it’s way cheaper and because, and that’s the most important point, it doesn’t require additional powering. It can just be plugged into the Lightning socket of your device and the other end offers a plain regular network Plug.

Version 11.5 of NetworkToolbox now directly supports this cable. It now shows when the cable is plugged in and what IP Addresses are assigned to it.

Now, you can attach your device, wherever you are, to a local LAN and perform security checks directly using my App.

If you connect the cable to your iPhone or iPad, this cable is being recognized by iOS but you never know if iOS already uses the LAN Cable and it’s connection as default network device. Ideally, better switch off WiFi and Cell if you want to be certain, that the cable is used.

Now, you can also use NetworkToolbox to find out if this is the case. Just head to the Device Tool, select Network and you can see which Network interfaces are still enabled and which one is used as default interface.