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Security check added for the recent Netgear security flaw

I assume you have heard already from the recent findings of exploitable Netgear routers.

If not, here is a brief summary:

Due to another ignorance or security in-awareness of developers of the Netgear router firmware, it is possible to access several (thousands!) Netgear routers from the internet without entering correct credentials. For details see here.

If this alone isn’t scary enough, Netgear has again to be blamed for their slow and ignorant response to this serious security flaw.

Even though Netgear has finally released an update that fixes this issue, still thousand of routers can by found using Morpheus or Shodan which still run the old firmware and thus are exploitable.

To check if your own router is affected, I have written and just release a new security check for NetworkToolbox which can be downloaded by running a data update from the settings screen of NetworkToolbox.

After downloading, you will find a new entry called “Netgear router exploit” in the Security Check tool.

So, better check yourself with NetworkToolbox and don’t trust the evil.