NetworkToolbox news

Version 11.0.5 available

This is my Christmas Update with the following Changes:

  • Couple of bugs fixed in the Devices Tool
  • Now you can also call Wake on LAN from the Devices Tool
  • A few bugs were fixed in the IP Calculation Tool
  • Some Screen layout issues fixed in the Logbook

Some Improvements:

  • You can now clean the “recent lists” without switching to the settings
  • The Speed Test Tool has been improved

And finally, there are now two new Tools:

  • An NFC Tool to scan NFC NDEF Tags (other types are not supported (yet?) by Apple)
  • A Unit Conversion Tool has been added

I still have to update the Manual but I thought that I don’t want to let you wait any longer. The Manual update will follow during the next days.

Thanks for your suggestions and support,