NetworkToolbox news

Version 11 of NetworkToolbox will be available Thursday!

Good news though. The new update will be available Thursday, September the 28th!

I have just updated the manual. For instance the chapters for Network Scanning and the new tools like Whois, DNS and UPnP. So if you want to see what’s coming, just have a look to these manual chapters.

This is, what has been changed:


► New WhoIs Lookup Tool (see details about any domain and who has registered it)
► New DNS Tool (query ANY! DNS Server for domains, see records and response times)
► New visual Traceroute (see trace routes on a map)
► New UPnP Tool (see which UPnP devices are noisy on your network)


► Extensive improvements of the Network Scanning engine
► Improved Morpheus Map
► Improved Bonjour Browser
► Terminal and SSH support for Backspace and CR/LF

Bug Fixes:

► Fixed Crash in External Apps Tool
► Special Keyboard Bar are now visible, no longer transparent
► Display of wrong MAC Addresses fixed
► Bug in MAC Database fixed which caused some Vendors not to be found
► Fixed bug in traversal test or Password test where entries, already tried were not marked accordingly

As always, this version was again a challenge. Please note, with iOS 11 MAC Addresses can no longer be displayed as the API has been removed by Apple for privacy reasons. However, the vastly improved scanning engine now combines many other information available about any IP Address on your network. This not just compensates the missing MAC address. Now you can see as much information as discoverable in one single place. Network scanning was never easier and more convenient before.

As this was again a major update with several weeks of development time, please consider to rate my App to keep it rolling.

In case you may find any bug, please let me know, I want to fix it!

Thank YOU!