NetworkToolbox news

Version 13.3 available

I am happy to announce Version 13.3.1, which contains the following changes, improvements and bug-fixes:  


■ Additional IOS 13.3 fixes

■ Bug fixes in the Pi-hole tool

■ Moved the Glossary tool to Resources

■ The Verizon Supercookie check is now back working


■ New Blacklist tool

You can now query various Blacklists services for domains or IP addresses, to see if they are listed.

■ New Elasticsearch tool

Since more and more Elasticsearch database are involved in recent data breaches, I added Elasticsearch queries to Shodan and Morpheus.  

Also, a new Elasticsearch tool can now be used to browse Elasticsearch databases.  

■ Telnet Security check

DDOS Bots are using IOT devices around the world that are poorly secured by standard or easy to guess passwords.

A new Telnet Security Check was added to the included Security Check tool which can be used to check for all known weak passwords on a Telnet server.  

■ Have I been Pwned

I did remove this tool some time ago because Troy Hunt, the provider of this feature, had to ask for money to use the API.  

Now, I decided to pay the monthly fee for it to support Troy and his amazing service.  

This said, I brought back the tool to the App and you all can use it for free.

I have also updated the online manual so for details, you can learn more about the new features and tools.

PLEASE NOTE: All new tools will be added at the end of the Icon list. Of some devices, you need to scroll the main screen to see these new tools. In order to arrange them in line with the other tools, just visit Settings -> Appearance -> Organizer and select the action button […] at the top and choose Reset to defaults.

Many thanks for your great support and reviews which really keeps this App going.

For those of you having questions or experiencing issues, please contact me. I cannot stress enough that I am highly interested in knowing about any issue so I can fix them for you and for others.

Please use the support Email address or the button under Settings of the App.   Thank you and stay safe!

Best regards,