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Version 14 of NetworkToolbox now available

A new Version of NetworkToolbox is available

This version includes the following changes, fixes and improvements:

  • The App is now compatible to iOS 14 and takes advantage of some of it’s new features
  • The SSH Terminal now supports up/down keys e.g. to access the bash history
  • The included File Viewer now works nicely together with the local file browser
  • The SMB Tool has completely rewritten and now supports SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3 so it can be used to connect to and browse any Windows Server
  • The Bluetooth tool has been further improved
  • A bug has been fixed that caused the Shodan Tool reporting an error message
  • The DNS Tool has been improved so that it now can be used in the reverse direction. You can now enter IP Addresses to query a DNS Server for the host or domain name
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Glossary Tool from opening
  • The Blacklist database has been updated and obsolete or too slow servers have been removed
  • The MAC Address database has been updated
  • A ‘Strings‘ Tool has been added to the local File browser which extracts all printable strings from a binary file for further analyzing
  • The local File browser can now create new files and edit files
  • The Batch Tool now supports copy and paste for batch lists. This way, you can edit lists of domains in an external editor and paste it back to the batch Tool
  • A new Tool ASCII-Table has been added to the Resources section
  • A new Tool Port-Table has been added to Resources which provides an overview of all Ports and services
  • A new Tool Cables with common network cable wiring information has been added
  • Added new Apple devices to the Device Database
  • The Information Tool has been redesigned and is now available under Resources with additional information
  • And of course, several additional minor fixes and improvements have been implemented as usual

Thanks for your fantastic feedback!

In case of issues, questions or suggestions, please don’t leave reviews but please send me an Email. There is a button inside the App for this.

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