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Your 10 Year Google History

Google records all your search activities, Here is, how to take a look at the recorded history and how to delete it.

Just a quick one:

Are you a google member (even because of YouTube or gmail) ? If so, login to your google account and select:

Then, head to “Things you search for”.

Isn’t it interesting to see what you searched for even 10 years ago. I believe Google also agrees.

If you don’t agree, you can delete all entries here and select “Pause” on the previous screen.

The same applies to “Places you have been”, “YouTube searches” and “Things you have watched on YouTube”.

Even here, you can delete and pause everything.

But no worries, be assured that Google will keep a backup – just in case.

By the way, Amazon does the same with all your purchases and all Items you ever searched for.

Don’t trust the evil.